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Field Trip! | Service Dog Pet Photography February 1, 2017 / Canon 6D Service Dogs need "real world experience" as apart of their training. A few weeks ago the Soldier On Service Dogs' "veteran's class" ventured over to the pet store for just that purpose. The service ... READ MORE Find Debbie | Soldier On Service Dogs December 15, 2016 / Canon 6D I believe in giving back. Volunteering. Making my community as good as it possible can, as much as I can. Currently, I'm volunteering with a few non-profit organizations in Northwest Arkansas. One of ... READ MORE Animal Shelter | Black Lab Puppy September 9, 2016 / Canon 6D I've been photographing a lot of dogs lately, so be prepared to see them on the blog in the next few weeks! <3 This is Paige. She is a pound puppy over at the Animal Shelter and is available for ad... READ MORE Kelcie And Her Dogs August 24, 2016 / Canon 6D It's not often that my youngest willingly lets me photograph her. Like, EVER. One day, she came into my office all dressed up and asked if I could take a few pictures of her and Lucy, our Jack Russell... READ MORE Pet Photos | Scarlett May 26, 2016 / Pets I want you to meet Scarlett. She was one of the first dogs I met at the animal shelter I used to take pet photos for before we moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas. All Scarlett wanted was some love and bel... READ MORE I miss your face. May 19, 2016 / Get To Know Kim Today's post definitely is a somber one. One year ago, I had to say goodbye to my buddy. He was more than just a dog, he was our baby boy. He was the one person I leaned on when times were so hard dur... READ MORE Is it nap time? May 2, 2016 / Pets Roscoe says this partly cloudy Arkansas weather is making him sleepy! Zzzzzzzzz... So, it's nap time. lol HA! If I wasn't getting batteries charged, turning on my out of office reply, and more general... READ MORE